Senior sessions are scheduled 2.5 to 3 hours prior to sunset. I will call/text you to let you know of the exact time we will be meeting. Location will be determined when we first talk or meet.


I want you to feel beautiful and amazing at your session. Outfits that reflect you and are comfortable to wear will certainly bring your personality to life in your images. I would suggest   a dressier outfit for a  timeless and classic look;  and a casual,  more relaxed one,  that reflects your personality in a fun and natural way. Avoid trendy styles and bold colors that might look fine now but years from now might be totally hilarious. Do accessorize! Hats, scarves, jackets, jewelry, sunglasses, bracelets add texture and dimension to your images. Bring lots of options, the possibilities are endless - and it's fun!! You may also wish to incorporate a sport uniform and/or meaningful prop like a musical instrument,  letterman's jacket, ball, etc. Keeping props meaningful and simple will make a timeless image.


Please make sure your undergarments coordinate well and won't show through your clothing and that  they are smooth and won't leave lines under tight fitting clothes. Girls, please plan to bring a strapless bra if necessary.

Hair & Makeup

Style your hair like you would for a more special occasion or have it done by a professional, if you prefer. Keep in mind that you want your last pictures to look as good as the first ones, so make sure that your hair products will give you the best hold. 

Makeup should be slightly heavier than normal. It will provide an extra glow and even out your skin tones. If you can afford to have it professionally done, please do so because it is one of the best preparations you can make for your senior session. If you do it your own, make sure you use a smooth, natural foundation or mineral base powder. Your eye makeup should be a little darker, natural shadow colors and great lashes photograph really well. Wear lipstick or lip gloss to complete your look and define your lips. Bring your makeup with you in case we need to touch up as the session goes!

Nails and Brows

Hands and fingernails will show in your images. Your fingernails should be clean, trimmed/filed. If they are painted, natural color is best. Please, no chipped nail polish. If you have your brows done, have them tweezed, shaped, a few days before. 

Tan Lines

Tan lines can  be a distraction and take away from your photos. Please, keep this in mind as you plan what to wear to your session. 

Bring to Your Session

* Your outfits - ironed and on hangers

* Lint brush, specially if you're wearing dark colored clothes

* Hairspray and brush

* Mirror

* Makeup

* Lip stick or lip gloss, for touchups

* Accessories/props

* Water bottle

Check out my Pinterest Boards below for some inspiration

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