When it comes time for your photo session, there is some planning and  preparing  that need to happen. Consider the clothes, the time of the year, the location and the theme of what you  want to have captured and reflected in your  images.

What to wear

Being comfortable and confident in what you're  wearing can make a huge difference in how you  feel and how relaxed you  are in front of the camera. Choose colors that look nice together, but don't fall into the trap that you all need to be wearing the exact same blue shirt. You want to coordinate and not match your clothing. Your photos will look far more interesting with some variation. Start by picking 3 colors and have each family member wear two of those 3 colors.  Adding in a couple of patterns looks nice too. If you prefer a more subtle look, neutrals photograph beautifully and you can easily add some color for variety.  Finish off your look with accessories and layers. Accessories are the perfect way to give a finishing touch to your look, and they can really set your photos apart. Please, avoid wearing all white, this tends to wash out most people's skin tones and isn't very flattering. This isn't to say you can't have any white on, but it might be best to not make it your main color of choice for every person in your photo session. Also, avoid neon colors, these cast bright colors onto your skin in photos, and can make it difficult to capture your natural skin tones.

These are ideas and tips to guide and help you prepare for your session. The most important thing is that your photos are a reflection of YOU!

Check out my Pinterest Board below for some inspiration.

Family Session  Outfit Ideas

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